Your infrastructure free of COVID-19

We combine the state of the art technologies (facial recognition, crowd analytics and Body thermal control) to provide your infrastructure a differential solution for passenger tracking and monitoring, with greater precision and lower deployment costs to help prevent the spread of COVID -19.

Our technology

Real time deep-learning model for crowded environments


World leader in accurate crowd detection algorithms providing a 97.01% performance


Fulmar tracks passengers based on live video streams coming from commercial (COTS) fisheye cameras. These video streams are processed using the latest artificial intelligence techniques to obtain up to 1,5 X additional coverage per sensor.


Fulmar provides an on edge self-hosted server that eliminates additional network latency, delivering faster speeds.

  • Fulmar runs with any ceiling-mounted COTS camerao Resolution 2880X2880
  •  Frame Rate 25fps
  •  Sensor size in Mpx 12o Angle 360
  •  Fixed lens

Fulmar in action

Insight discovery

Insight discovery makes it possible to conduct a detailed user friendly analysis of passenger behavior. It is a decision-making support tool that helps the airport to maximize non-aeronautical revenues and to optimize the asset utilization

  •  Real time metrics such as actual waiting times, estimated waiting times, dwell time, occupancy per zone, asset utilization
  •  Heatmaps
  •  Real time passenger visualization over an airport map
  •  Origin destination routes
  •  API to share Fulmar data with third party systems

Insight discovery

Passenger activity forecast

Machine learning ensures continuous fact-based improvement and makes it possible to provide a long term and real time forecast for advance resource utilization and customer experience.

  •  Passenger demand forecasting presents arrival time-distributions of passengers in different points of interest within the passenger process in the airport terminal (access, check-in, security check point, boarding, etc.)
  •  Waiting time forecast. Through this prediction, airport managers shall be able to know what the waiting times are forecasted in regular operations for a specific passenger demand in a specific point of a day.

Passenger activity forecast

GDPR compatible

Fulmar protects the personal data and privacy of passengers complaining GDPR regulations

GDPR compatible

Fulmar architecture

Fulmar architecture

Our success is measured by results

+ 500
Million passengers

+ 140

+ 30

+ 40
Years of experience

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